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Hillsdale Cematary 2021

CAMERON - (written by Maureen Grandis) performed by Gwen Trone (seated), Nash Shain (seated) and Emily Syer.

CRAISE - (written by Carol Graham) performed by Seth Lang, Karen Benusik (seated), Sonora Bourque.

PEAT - (written by Maureen Grandis) Performed by Joe Agocs (seated) and Maureen Grandis.

DUNFIELD - (written by Barbara Prescott) Performed by Diana Turner Richardson and Hailayna.

STEWART - (written by Carol Graham) Performed by Ryan Shaw (seated), Sheryl Guest (seated) and Neil Werden.

JENKINS - (written by Bonnie Harris) Perfomed by Charlene Mumberson (left), Marlie Klompstra White, and Bonnie Harris.

McROBIE - (written by Doug Wright) Performed by Maddy Hayes (seated) and Doug Wright.

BULLEN - (written by Carol Graham) Performed by Carol Graham (left) and Amy Nap (right). Photo courtesy of Herman Nap.

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